MapServer Workbench

hosted at

What? A set of cooperative tools for development of MapServer web mapping applications.
Where? See the SourceForge project page at 
See it! Application Wizard   (msappwiz.tcl)
Mapfile Editor   (msedit.tcl)
Mapfile Explorer   (msexplorer.tcl)
Shape Explorer   (msshapex.tcl)
Get it! Download MapServer Workbench 0.3
Download Mapscript/Tcl (includes pre-compiled Windows DLL!)
Also, see the CVS and/or download files at the project page.
Who? Tom Poindexter
Check out some of my other open source projects at my home page
How? Programmed in Tcl/Tk,  so of course it's cross-platform.
Links! MapServer web mapping.
FreeGIS for your open source GIS needs.
GRASS full featured GIS.